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The Eating Disorders Task Force of Indiana, founded in 1988, is a nonprofit organization of multidisciplinary treatment professionals in the area of eating disorders. We believe that eating disorders are complex, multidimensional disorders that involve social-cultural, psychological, medical and nutritional factors. They also reflect developmental and family issues. We believe that treatment should be provided by professionals trained and experienced in the area of eating disorders and should address contributory factors in as many dimensions as possible.

There are many kinds of eating disorders:

All eating disorders involve a strong concern with body size and dieting, and all involve using food to cope with life. People with these disorders often have low self-esteem and feel out of control. Both females and males of all ages experience eating disorders.

What to look for in a good treatment program…

Eating disorders are complicated and are caused by a combination of factors; good treatment should address all of these factors.

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